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Amsterdam Nieuw-West

Quiet, suburban Amsterdam Nieuw-West is close to Sloterpark, a big green field with a lake for sailing and canoeing, and an industrial beach. The Van Eesteren Museum examines the position of Dutch architects in post-war urban development while walking tours of the Street Art Museum are part of a collection of colorful murals. Down-to-earth cafés and pubs line the city, and a couple of luxury hotels have bars on the upper level.

MOBIAN offers a variety of parking possibilities within and near Amsterdam Nieuw-West which can be reserved online. Check the availability and prices via the MOBIAN booking tool, located on this page.

The district of Nieuw-West comprises the districts of Geuzenveld-Slotermeer, Osdorp, and Slotervaart. There are various parking areas and parking rates in this district. Nieuw West's nine postcodes run from 1061 to 1069. To learn about the Parking periods and parking costs, review the parking system.

Paid Parking Slotervaart
Parking is applicable on the A10 perimeter road. You can often find paid parking in Amsterdam Slotervaart. The prices are fair based on the Amsterdam terms.

P+R Parking is Cheap Parking in Amsterdam
Pay just 1 euro every 24 hours for parking if you use public transit to the Amsterdam Hub.

Blue Zone
You should note that there is a Blue Zone in places where paying to the park is not (as yet) available. In these areas, you can only park for a brief amount of time by simply showing a blue parking disc. You may purchase them from big department stores and filling stations. Until you exit your car, mark your arrival time on the blue parking disc. You will identify the blue zone, as shown by the surrounding road sign. You could see the maximum allowed parking time on this sign, and any extra requirements, like specific times throughout the day.

Parking for 10 Cents an Hour
Unique road signs identify the 10-cent areas. There are indications at the beginning and the end of the section. You may park there every other day for a day of three to four hours. The rate of 10 cents is only applicable during certain points in time of the day. Look for the precise positions and times displayed on the map. Outside these periods, you must pay the regular parking rate relevant in that street.

Parking licenses are only available during the hours of operation of the 10-cent limit like any day, night, week, month, or annual permissions, but may not extend to permits for impaired drivers (residents and visitors).
The 10-cent fee is only available in the region in which you initially park and is not transferable to any other 10-cent location. When you switch your car to another 10-cent location, you'll have to pay for it again.

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